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The I in team: Tools to Create Extraordinary Team Dynamics

I believe that we all want to have a positive impact. I work with my clients to help them transform their ideas into bold projects to create the future where they are at their best to make an impact. I also help them balance the human, strategic, tactical and operational dimensions of their leadership. I have been an executive coach since 2005 and I usually work with leaders in technical or engineering organizations. Before becoming a coach, I worked for 8 years as a Systems Engineer and Project Manager on very large government initiatives and I spent 8 years as an aerospace engineering officer in the Canadian Military. How much time do you waste each week because of disagreements? Some studies say that the average employee spends 2 hours and 48 minutes, and the average manager spends 6 hours. However, with the right practical tools, you can transform disagreements into possibilities for richer and more productive relationships. Let's explore three (3) specific challenges that prevent us from having team interactions favourable to creativity, productivity and well-being. I will also propose five (5) practical sets of tools to foster rich and productive team dynamics. You will leave this talk with specific actions to do and a process to succeed.

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