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Deliver WOW experience to your customer and employees or … Disappear !

Who said that customer delight was reserved for BtC? Certainly not Sfpi Group, an independent industrial group in the building trades, security, heat exchange and air treatment in industry throughout Europe. Under the impetus of its founding director Henri Morel and its Managing Director Damien CHAUVEINC, this atypical and dynamic group decided several years ago to manage customer satisfaction with the NPS and to make customer culture one of its 4 strategic pillars and this is remarkable for a 100% BtB company. What a pleasure then for me to be able to share with the sales and marketing managers of all these countries my convictions on customer delight, which also resonate in this environment so far removed from my universe as a hotelier. Thank you Marie Mathilde Morel, Sophie MOREL, for piloting this Customer Day at NEU-JKF in the machine test room of the same name. Thank you Andoniaina Rakotoarisoa for the flawless organization of this event bringing together more than 10 different countries.

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