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To achieve business goals, organizations need to have motivated employees. It is therefore important that employees are sufficiently motivated (quantity of energy) but, above all, motivated by high quality motivations (quality of the energy invested). The purpose of this training will be to make people understand what motivation is at work, how to stimulate the most adaptive forms of motivation and to demystify certain ideas about work motivation. This training session will also emphasize the different positive behaviors that can be used by leaders in order to stimulate positive work motivations. Learning objectives • Know what motivation is. • Know, identify and name the four different types of work motivation. • Recognize and identify different economic, behavioral, psychological and physical consequences of different types of work motivation. • Know, identify and name psychological needs that can stimulate autonomous motivation and decrease controlled motivation. • Understand the active mechanisms that explain the effectiveness (or not) of different types of motivation and psychological needs. • Know the three main organizational areas of intervention (work organization, leadership, and compensation) to stimulate self-determined motivation and reduce controlled motivation. This activity is based on more than four decades of solid scientific research to help participants demystify, understand and stimulate work motivation according to the self-determination theory. It addresses the four different types of motivation at work, the psychological needs that stimulate the most adaptive forms of motivation and the levers of intervention on which it is possible to act (compensation, leadership / relationship, job design) . It will also help to debunk some lasting myths about motivation. The training can include various case studies, plenary exercises, role-plays and presentations as well as real-life examples. It is also possible to include (or not) the pre-completion of the "Multidimensional Work Motivation Scale"; this questionnaire and interpreted report are available in French and English.

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