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Thanks to my solid experience in the telcos, I'm currently in charge of adding value to our customers business with Colt Technology solutions and voice services. Colt has a very strong voice proposition and is very competitive in the market. Key strength is a licence for voice services in 24 countries meaning we can support multinational enterprises and give wholesale customers one touch point for voice SIP trunking in those 24 territories. We have a feature-rich SIP Trunking service for resellers. This is getting calls from A to B. We have 17,000+ interconnects with other voice networks and 4.9 million allocated SIP channels. For numbers, we have a licence for 21 countries and 1.4 million active Non-geographic numbers. IN Geo & Freephone are the most used numbers by companies around the world. Customers can quickly expand to new countries with regulation compliant voice services and manage all numbers and value added services internationally through one centralised account. Avoid paperwork with online ordering, porting and cease. Intuitive portal activates new numbers in hours and gives one point for management. Full API Capability means interoperability with customers own systems. We can also help enterprise customers with support for migration from TDM to VOIP and give customers high bandwidth support for VOIP calls.

Christophe DOS SANTOS

Senior Product Manager Voix et Téléphonie

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