Philippine DOLBEAU

Founder - NewSchool, Chairwoman - Start2089 Fund

Being the Youngest Entrepreneur of France

Philippine is an 18-year-old entrepreneur, founder of New School, and "Most Innovative Woman of 2017". She is recognized by much French national media as being the youngest entrepreneur of France. Philippine created her startup at the age of 15, while still studying at the lycée. While asked to create a pretend startup, the young teenager decided to go beyond the limits given and decided to make of NewSchool a real-life business in September 2014. Only a few months later, Philippine won the 1st Prize at the National Digischool Contest in May 2015, after presenting her business plan in a Parisian theatre in front of journalists and CEOs. Quickly, the adventure took a crazy shift when she went on TV in January 2016. NewSchool has since then been the winner of the French National Innovation Contest in February 2016, as well as being the best Student's Startup of the Year 2016. Philippine has been recognized and awarded as "The Most Innovative Woman of 2017" while still studying at the Lycée. Philippine now gives conferences around the world and is a student at UCL London. Topics covered by Philippine in her conferences : - Innovation - Entrepreneurship - Education - Youth - Taking risks, being out of our comfort zone - Media and communication - Developping a startup at only 15 - Facing critics because of being a woman, young, in a literary section at university And many more!

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