Jacques FOREST


We know our weaknesses well, because we have learned to pay a lot of attention and to invest time and energy to correct them in order to increase our performance. However, do we know our strengths? Do we have the opportunity to use them daily at work? If our answer is hesitant or negative, this is perfectly normal. Some studies show that only a third of us are able to spontaneously name their strengths and only 17% believe they use them most of the time at work. This training proposes to know and optimize the use of stengths at work. Strengths management (an abundance approach), as opposed to weaknesses managements (a deficit approach), is an innovative and effective way to simultaneously promote performance and well-being at work and in life, as research evidence suggests. This management technique is a complementary approach to current approaches to optimize the performance and development of workers. What does this new approach consist of? How can one concretely implement it in companies? You will experience the “Me at my best” training technique. This is what you will discover this training. Learning objectives • Understand what a strength is. • Know how to identify the strengths. • Know your own strengths (a free questionnaire is available on the Internet) and make better use of them. • Carry out the steps to develop the use of strengths at work. • Become acquainted with different implementations of strengths management in real-life environments. Content • Why do we need to use our strengths? • What is a strength? • How can we identify strengths? • How can we increase strengths’ use? • Planning a strength development intervention. • Real-life examples of strengths management: marketing firm, consulting firm, rehabilitation center, international sports team, Canadian Olympic Committee. • International examples of strengths management implementation (videos).

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