Martin DUVAL

Co-Fondateur & Co-Président bluenove - Auteur

Co-President & Co-Founder of bluenove , a software technology and consulting company based in Paris specialized in Massive Collective Intelligence. and Open Innovation he started in 2008. With a team of 50, bluenove has delivered +500 projects to +200 customers Check: He is the author of the book "From Open Innovation to Collective Intelligence" available here in English and here in French (published by Dunod) From 2001 to 2008 at Orange, he headed different positions in innovation and business development. In 2006, he created the 'Orange Start Up Programme' to foster partnerships with start-ups and VCs with focus on WEB 2.0 and convergence. From 2003 to 2006, as Bus.Dev. Director at Orange France, he launched various projects most of them being Woldwide or European premieres such as the emergency location services for Senior users (eg. Alzheimer bracelet from Medical Intelligence), the M-coaching quit-smoking sms program, the sms Juke Box,etc. In addition, he managed the fast growing Mobile Music activities within Orange France, including the launch of the Music Portal and the Full Track Dowload services, thus developing strong relationships with the Majors. From 2001 to 2003, he managed the Orange incubator (Inventmobile) focusing on innovative mobile services: among them was Mobivillage valued from 1,5 M€ in 2001 to 15M€ when acquired by the Japanese company ForSide in 2004. He has been in the area of high-tech early-stage financing since 2000: first as COO of a French incubator and then as Managing Director of the Swedish fund Speed Ventures in France. Prior to that, he spent 3 years in Consulting as Senior Project Manager at Cambridge Technology Partners. From 1996 to 1997, he was International Bus. Dev. Manager for the Accor Group. He started his carrier in 1990 in the aerospace industry with Eurocopter (EADS Group) first in Procurement in the USA (Dallas) and later as Area Sales Manager of Commercial helicopters in Northern Europe before to start-up his own business in aircraft financing services.


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Plus on est nombreux, plus... on va vite !

✅ Il est désormais acquis par la majorité des organisations que toute démarche de transformation se doit d'intégrer une « bonne dose » de collaboratif pour réussir. ...

Comment mobiliser, animer et analyser l'intelligence collective ?

Sur la base de mon livre "De l'Open Innovation à l'intelligence collective" (Dunod) (dont un exemplaire vous sera remis), ...

Comment mobiliser l'intelligence collective des collaborateurs pendant la crise

(format 30mn en digital à distance: Zoom, Klaxoon, Teams, etc.) ...

Mes 5 clés pour réussir l'animation de votre table-ronde

Il m'arrive d'être sollicité en tant que Speaker lors de séminaires et de conférences, mais l'exercice que j'adore plus particulièrement est de préparer et d'animer une table-ronde. Je dis souvent que je préfère en effet 'démontrer mon expertise par les questions intelligences que je pose à d'autres' que de la proposer en format d'un monologue de 30 à 40mn. ...

Le Manifesto du "Décider autrement" par l'intelligence collective

Sur l'enjeu du "Décider Autrement", j’ai écrit sous forme de Manifeste ce qui me semble être les fondamentaux d’un nouveau paradigme du management moderne des organisations et d’une nouvelle ère de la prise de décision. ...

Comment être agiles ... à 100.000 en 3 mois ?

Les méthodes agiles issues de l’univers informatique ont réellement transformé la gestion classique de projet: cycles courts par des sprints, repriorisation fréquentes des développements en cours, système d’évaluation de la complexité des tâches, etc. apparaissent particulièrement bien adaptés à une collaboration d’équipes réduites, une maille de 10 à 15 participants, en mode commando. ...

From Open Innovation to Collective Intelligence

I am the Co-Founder & Co-President of bluenove, a technology and consulting firm, with a team of 50, pioneer in collective intelligence, a leader in open innovation and an active player in CivicTech. ...

De l'Open Innovation à l'Intelligence Collective

Je suis le Co-Fondateur et Co-Président de bluenove, société de technologie et de conseil, 50 personnes, pionnier en intelligence collective, leader en open innovation et acteur engagé dans la CivicTech. ...


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