Leadership and Communication Consultant

Edoardo Binda Zane is a trainer and consultant based in Berlin and working across Europe with corporates, scaleups and universities. Throughout his career he has been leading 7-figure projects, and he now combines that experience with other areas of work to develop skills in teams and individuals. His goal is to provide teams and leaders with the right communication and leadership skills to thrive in increasingly dynamic markets, to face their frequent and disruptive changes and to increase their capability of generating value - in short, preparing them for the future of work.


  • Conférence : 2500 €


Berlin / Milan



Ses conférences

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

Emotional intelligence is a key skill for any manager, it helps you work better, be more resilient and keep your team united under any circumstance - but it does come with issues of its own. ...

Leadership, Teamwork and Improvisation - steal from the best

What can you learn from comedians that will make you better at your job? ...

How to have the right ideas on command

The science of creativity is a fascinating one. ...

Re-engage your teams the right way

Everyone wants to rebuild engagement and regain their teams' trust. ...

How to lead in the future of work

All managers - experienced or new - want to be the best possible guide for their teams, it’s not easy. ...

The secret to effective feedback

Giving good feedback is a precious skill for any manager, but doing it is not automatic. ...

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